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Kenny C. (MO)
I ve got out of my car lease with 24 months left on my contract...
Richard G. (OH)
I was so glad to find this site. It totally lives up to my expectations. A great site and a great service.
Karry C. (CA)
First time and everything went smoothly. What more can you ask for?
Sergio J. (CA)
I´ve Leased with LeaseTrader on several occasions, and they are the best. Most prices are about the best you´ll find out there. Their service is outstanding,. The best part, they transferred my application to the fiancé company on the same day I ordered it. I´ve never had an issue with them, and highly recommend them.
Jonas S. (FL)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, what else can I say? Unbelievable Service!
Merrit W. (CA)
Where were you guys when I was 20? Who ever thought of doing this is a genius! This was the best experience I’ve ever had with an on-line company.
Nadine S. (OH)
Couldn´t have been easier. Lease Transferred immediately. Would use LeaseTrader Again
Chad G. (NY)
Well... I will certainly do it again. I couldn t believe how remarkably well the lease transfer process went.
Howard S. (NY)
LeaseTrader did an excellent job with my lease, I would recommend them to anyone. I was out of my lease in by the end of the week.
Christine M. (WA)
Just a note to let you know how happy I am with your service and how easy you made it to exit the remaining 23 months of my lease! At first I was a total sceptic, but a customer service rep. won me over with his total professionalism and superior client skills! Every time I had some kind of question, whether it related to the website itself or some technicality regarding the lease, he was there to answer promptly. Also, I was pleased with the vast exposure to the many prospects I obtained. The car is now gone to a "good home", all thanks to the client screening and meticulous checking of LeaseTrader. I wholeheartedly recommend LeaseTrader to anyone who wants to enter the leasing market with a minimum of hassles!
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