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Robert M. (CA)
Outstandingly easy to use site. Congrats!! Your graphics loaded beautifully, and I didn´t have to fuss or wait. I had tried to use a competitor, but there service was so bad and they couldn’t tell me if the finance company would approve me. They wasted two weeks of my time.
James L. (WV)
Couldn’t be better--great Selection, easy to take over the lease, quick delivery--excellent!!
Louis M. (NY)
I am extremely pleased with how quickly and smoothly the car lease transfer process occurred
LeaseTrader Rocks! Your experience really helped me get my car very fast!! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!
Mabel W. (CA)
Very easy to deal with and my car arrived exactly when they said it would.
Steve M. (CA)
I went to my Lexus dealership to see if they would help me get a different car after my wife gave birth (Boy, 7.9oz). They wanted to roll all my remaining payments (23 months) into the payment of my new SUV. Instead of wasting over $12,000.00 I was able to find someone through LeaseTrader to take over my Lease and I didn’t have to pay off any portion of my Lease
Leslie M. (CT)
Great customer service, very friendly, very competent staff, WAY better than Swap.
Takeshi O. (CA)
I was especially pleased with your services as I was able to find just the right vehicle for me.
Randal W. (MA)
I wish all my internet orders could be this smooth and fast. I even received the Jaguar earlier than I expected it. Everything was perfect!
Gabriel B. (TX)
My wife heard about LeaseTrader and told me to look for a car at your site. I am so delighted that she did, I am now driving a 2004 Jaguar S type and it ROCKS!!!
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