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2018 BMW 340 i Sedan in California

Why to Get a Vehicle Inspection?
Everything you need to know to get a vehicle inspection:
 Where does the vehicle gets inspected? – The inspectors come to the vehicle - wherever the vehicle is located, home or office. The inspectors work Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, and our customer service hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm. we will attempt to post the inspection report within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection.
 How long does it take to get an inspection completed? – Depending on the location of the vehicle and the time the payment is received, it could take from 3 to 5 days once schedulled. We will attempt to post the inspection report within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection. Same day inspections are not available; however in most cases, we can accommodate the schedulling within 24 hrs if the payment is received prior to 2:00 pm EST.
 How long do inspections take? – Usually 45 to 60 minutes. Exotic and high-end luxury cars take slightly longer.
 Can buyers and/or sellers order inspection report? – Either buyers or sellers can request Vehicle Inspection Reports. The seller or a representative of the seller must be present at the time of the inspection. If you are the potential buyer, you MUST obtain the seller’s permission for us to contact them. We also require that the buyer provide the seller’s contact and vehicle information.
 What information will I need at the time of the inspection? – If the inspection includes a road test, an authorized adult (18 years or older) must be present to sign an authorization agreement. Also, proof of the vehicle registration and insurance must be provided at the time of the inspection. However, if the vehicle is located at a dealership, only dealer plates are necessary.
 Will permission be required for the inspection? – The owner of the vehicle or the owner's representative will be required to sign an “Authorization Agreement” giving us permission to inspect and road test the car.
 How do I order an inspection? – Just click on the "Order Inspection" button and you will be directed to a Payment page to arrange for the non-refundable payment. After approval, you will be directed back to us to order the inspection. One of our representatives will call the seller to set a convenient time for the inspection.
 Will I have an opportunity to provide feedback on the Inspection? – One of our customer service representatives may contact you for your comments. We welcome your questions and comments at any time.

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