What are the LeaseTrader fees to take over a lease?

Membership fee: 60 Day memberships start at $39.95

Credit verification: (1 credit verification is included in all memberships) $29.95

Applicant Transaction Fees:*$149.95 (after rebate)
In addition to the membership, a $249.95 Non-Refundable transfer initiation fee for services already rendered is due once the buyer and seller agree to initiate the 2 to 3 week long (on average) lease transfer process.

*Transfer Rebate: $100.00
LeaseTrader offers the buyer an instant Transfer Rebate of $100.00 (One Hundred Dollar) to be applied automatically once the payment of the transfer initiation fee is made at the initiation of the lease transfer process.
Note: Failure to pay the transfer initiation fee at the initiation of the lease transfer process will result in forfeiting any and all discounts and rebates offered by LeaseTrader.

Note: In addition to LeaseTrader fees, you may have the following expenses:

Bank Transfer fee: $0-$600
Most financial institutions charge a fee to process the car lease transfer paperwork and are paid directly to the Finance Institution (e.g. Mercedes Benz Credit).

Registration fees: $50 to $200
Contact your local DMV office for an exact amount.

Local sales taxes:
Contact your local DMV office for information.

Other costs you may have:
If you are in a different state, there may be transportation and optional third party vehicle inspection costs.

Refund Policies
All of the Memberships, credit verifications, transfer initiations, and all other fees collected by LeaseTrader are NON-REFUNDABLE.