What are the costs to take over a lease?

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LeaseTrader Credit Verification: $29.95
1 credit verification "included" with all paid buyer subscription plans.
Additional credit verifications are $29.95 each.

LeaseTrader Buyer Commission:*$149.95 (after $100.00 instant commission rebate)
In addition to your subscription fee, LeaseTrader charges the buyer a $249.95 commission upon the initiation of a lease transfer process.

In the event that your vehicle transfer does not go through, your paid commission fee rolls over towards your next lease takeover on LeaseTrader.com (as long as your membership has not expired).

*Instant Commission Rebate: $100.00
By prepaying the Buyer Commission, a $100.00 Instant Commission Rebate is available to the Buyer when starting the transfer process online.

Failure to pay the Buyer commission at the initiation of the lease transfer process will result in forfeiting any and all discounts and rebates offered by LeaseTrader.
Note: Buyer may have the following additional costs:

Leasing company transfer fee: $0-$600
Most leasing companies charge a fee to process the transfer paperwork (e.g. Mercedes-Benz Credit).

Registration and local sale taxes:
Registration and local sales taxes are determined by your local DMV office.
Contact your local DMV office for an exact amount.

Other costs you may have:
Inspection and or transportation charges are optional and may vary. Order Inspection Now
Disposition Fee
This lease end disposition fee compensates the leasing company for expenses of disposing of the vehicle after you return it at the end of the lease. Most lease contracts have a disposition fee and it ranges between $200 and $450. You may find the exact amount on the lease contract under disposition fee.

Refund Policies
Memberships, credit verifications, commissions, and all other fees collected by LeaseTrader are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Note: Failure to update the vehicle status to transferring mode, thus informing LeaseTrader of the initiation of the lease transfer and failure to pay the Buyer commission fee, could result in a penalty fee of $100.00 to each the Buyer and the Seller for every applicant that goes through the process of having their credit verified in order to contact the seller of a misrepresented vehicle, plus all expenses incurred by LeaseTrader resulting from and not limited to credit verification, and the continued marketing of the vehicle.