How to list my vehicle with LeaseTrader

To list your vehicle, simply click on Post your Vehicle from any page on the site. From there you will be led through a three-step listing process where we will collect contact information, car information and details on your car lease. At the end of the listing process, a fee corresponding to the listing package you selected is collected by credit card. If you have any questions or difficulties during the listing process, please Contact Us for assistance..

Before listing your auto lease, you will want to have or know the following:

1. Contact information you will use for communicating with and Buyers including name, address, phone numbers, and email..

2. Information about the vehicle Including year, make, model, style, features, current mileage..

3. Details of the lease including leasing company, monthly payment, approximate lease end date (your lease contract is a good source for these details).

Additional Tips: Remember to think like a buyer when posting your vehicle, because buyers are only interested in taking over a lease for a vehicle that fits their needs. Analyze your current lease and emphasize the benefits of your deal. For example, if you have a low monthly payment, low mileage or low months remaining on the lease deal, make sure you highlight those points.

Communicate with the Buyer: When a potential buyer contacts you, be sure to respond in a timely manner. There are lots of great deals on, and if you are slow to respond you run the risk of a buyer finding a vehicle from a different seller. Once the buyer begins the transfer process, follow the steps in a timely manner. Contact your lease transfer specialist with any questions.