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Leasing Company:
Amazon Leasing

Lease Buyer Credit Application Fee:

Lease Transfer Fee:

Does Leasing Company Support Transfer?

Closed-End Lease. Payments include bank acquisition fee. Payments do NOT include sales tax or license fees. Prior to signing lease agreement, payments, rates and residuals are subject to change depending on lease contract date, lender program changes, or program calculation errors. Leasing Company reserves the right to reject or cancel your application at any time. Only original lessee can transfer lease. Leasing company will not transfer in the last 13 months of the lease.

Other Policy Information:
Disposition Fee of $500.00

The above fees are independent of any transaction fees collected by LeaseTrader. To the best of our knowledge the above finance company information is correct and current; however, LeaseTrader does not represent and/or warrant the accuracy of the information. To ensure accuracy please contact the Leasing Company directly.