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RSS Product feeds for affiliate program is an advertising solution that provides publishers with the ability of requesting products in real time from our database, using simple search query, and publish the results into his own website as HTML, making all the published information to be searchable from search engines. This is a way to create new content and keywords for your site and at the same time earn money linking to LeaseTrader.com

LeaseTrader.com provides real time product feeds for his affiliate program using simple RSS 2.0 XML interface. In order to use this interface you need to understand how RSS feeds works, please read this document to find out how it works.

To call a RSS Product feed is as simple as a URL with a few parameters, the result of the call will pass through a function that creates all the contained information into dynamic HTML content.

The content will change as the cars are sold and new cars are published in real time, without having to change any code or use html level script at your side. This mean that you create a search against our database to get certain results, besides the specific content of the database which is absolutely independent. And get real time results as the information changes, always being according to the preset search parameters.

What do you need to participate in our RSS Product feed affiliate program

Why use XML RSS product feeds in your website

  • Create searchable valuable content for your website creating listing related to the content of your website choosing the right keywords and search patterns to generate unique pages using our content.
  • Give your users the chance to see your advertiser's offers directly in your website without having to go through a banner or a link outside your website.
  • Give your website even more valuable unique content.
  • Elevate the economic efficiency of your website using this affiliate program model, including related searchable content, the click through will be increased against using simple HTML, Banners or any other graphic advertising model.
  • Full Customizable look and feel, integrates to any website design template.
  • Link directly to specific related offers, not to the home page or to a listing page, giving your visitors the most accurate information.
  • Display searchable rotating content without having to update any code, just set search parameter.
  • Integration support will be given to designated publishers on request affiliates@leasetrader.com.

How to use XML RSS product feeds in your website

This is a simple call to RSS Product feed, using a URL and a set of parameters to customize the search


RSS Product feed parameters:


Is the search string. Just enter a search string like "BMW+M3" to retrieve all BMW M3 for lease at this moment in our database.


If you would like to narrow your search even more than by make+model you can also use something like "BMW+M3+silver" will search all BMW M3 in Silver color available for lease.



Options are: rss or rss_simple

rss option will display cars for lease with a picture of the car.


rss_simple option will display cars for lease without a picture, just title, link and short description will be sent over the XML file.



Is the amount of results given by the search.

50 results


10 results


RSS URL Builder

Sample code for XML RSS product feed reading

Implementation example

Classic ASP Implementation example


This is a simple classic ASP function call to display RSS product feeds, free download

Download ASP Rss Product Feed

Download .Net Rss Product Feed

Knowledge needed

Programing level knowledge is needed to implement this feature in your website for support implementing XML RSS product feeds please contact affiliates@leasetrader.com. Integration support will be given to designated publishers on request.



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