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LeaseTrader offers short term car lease assumptions on short term used auto leases. Benefit from taking over a lease and save thousands , assume a short term lease with no money down. Save thousands when you assume a lease. Lease assumption save thousands, take over used car and used trucks.
Lease Buyers
If you are looking for a short-term auto lease with no money down, Welcome!
1. Registration is Free.
2. Search our extensive database, by those factors which are most important to YOU. Select a search by Months Remaining in the lease contract, Car Type, Monthly Payments and even Location. View the actual details of each car you select. All the information pertaining to the lease and vehicle type will be displayed. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.
3. Find a car of your choosing and complete a Credit Application.
4. Upon clicking CONTACT SELLER or MAKE OFFER, you will have access to our Buyers Central. You are now able to view the Seller's Contact Information, and begin to communicate immediately with Sellers.
5. Contact a LeaseTrader-Lease Transfer Specialist to assist you in finalizing the Lease Transfer process.
6. Drive home in your new car!!
Benefits Include But Do Not Limit To:
1. 6, 10, 24, or 36 months lease
2. No money down
3. Instant cash with Seller Incentives
4. Rates are less than nationally advertised
5. Our knowledge of the best rates
6. LeaseTrader abilities to make it simple
LeaseTrader allows you to terminate a used car lease and effectively break your lease by offering a lease assumption to another customer. Our large auto lease marketplace provides you the opportunity to get out of your car lease early with no penalties. If you are concerned about early lease termination or breaking a car lease.
Lease Sellers
Does your car lease seems like an eternity? Are you tired of your vehicle? Have you had a change in lifestyle?
Looking to Get Out of an Auto Lease?

1. The first step in transferring out of your lease is Advertising your vehicle on LeaseTrader. Enter your car and lease details on our simple form.
2. Provide your contact information. This is necessary for the buyers to reach you.
3. We know your time is valuable. In our effort to provide you with ONLY committed and credit worthy take-over candidates, we all of our have applicants undergo a credit screening process. We will notify you via e-mail when a credit-qualified candidate is interest in assuming your lease.
4. The e-mail will contain a link to our Message Center where you will be able to view the contact information as well as to communicate with the interested buyer.
5. Contact a Lease Transfer Specialist to assist you in finalizing the Lease Transfer process.
6. You have successfully transferred your lease. Congratulations!
7. For Advertising Fees and Listing Policies, Click Here.
Benefits Include But Do Not Limit To:
1. Getting out of your lease early
2. Keeping your credit intact
3. No penalties
4. LeaseTrader ability to help you end your lease
5. Possibility of breaking a lease
6. Lack of large sum to terminate your lease
"I have been recommending it to all my friends. I will certainly use their services again for my new lease."
Erica T. (CA)
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