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Please contact LeaseTrader if your leasing company is not listed, or if you are aware of changes in the information listed below:

Leasing Company:
M&I Dealer Finance

Lease Buyer Credit Application Fee:

Lease Transfer Fee:

Does Leasing Company Support Transfer?
Yes, with restrictions, please contact your Seller

M&I Dealer Finance has restrictions on lease transfers verify what these restrictions are with the seller or leasing company prior to initiating a transfer.

Other Policy Information:
M&I Dealer Finance holds original lessee as guarantor of lease payments once the lease transfers. M&I Dealer Finance charges a disposition fee that is lited on the original contract. This fee is charged when a leased vehicle is turned in at the completion of the lease term and the purchase option is not exercised. Cannot transfer in final 6 months of lease

The above fees are independent of any transaction fees collected by LeaseTrader. To the best of our knowledge the above finance company information is correct and current; however, LeaseTrader does not represent and/or warrant the accuracy of the information. To ensure accuracy please contact the Leasing Company directly.