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Sharon P. (NY)
If I would have known that it was this easy to take over a Lease I would have been doing this for the last 10 years.
Leslie M. (CT)
Great customer service, very friendly, very competent staff, WAY better than Swap.
Steve M. (CA)
I went to my Lexus dealership to see if they would help me get a different car after my wife gave birth (Boy, 7.9oz). They wanted to roll all my remaining payments (23 months) into the payment of my new SUV. Instead of wasting over $12,000.00 I was able to find someone through LeaseTrader to take over my Lease and I didn’t have to pay off any portion of my Lease
James S. (PA)
I recently lost my job and was about to loose my car…which would have destroyed my credit, and then I found LeaseTrader, what more can I say, thanks to you guys I am debt free with no judgments.
James L. (WV)
Couldn’t be better--great Selection, easy to take over the lease, quick delivery--excellent!!
Christopher V. (CA)
I had a Budget of $400.00 per month and didn’t think I would be able to get anything, you guys offered me so many different vehicles under my price, why would any one go directly to a dealer?
Dean V. (IL)
Excellent communication and shipping. Price was simply unbeatable. It was so good, I was sure I was going to get ripped off. Surprisingly smooth transaction, I can’t wait till I need another car so I can use yuo again.
Gabriel B. (TX)
My wife heard about LeaseTrader and told me to look for a car at your site. I am so delighted that she did, I am now driving a 2004 Jaguar S type and it ROCKS!!!
Paula M. (OH)
The truck that I assumed is performing as advertised and as I expected. I am totally satisfied with the truck and the Leasetrader.
Susan S. (ME)
Fast, Organized, and Smooth, way to go LeaseTrader!
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