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2016 Ford Fusion Titanium LT 275960
2016 Ford Lease Location: Bowling Green, Ohio
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Black
20 month lease
$61.90 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 22 city, 33 hwy
2015 Smart Fortwo Pure Coupe LT 274340
2015 Smart Lease Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Category: Compact
Exterior color: Black
15 month lease
$128.57 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 33 city, 41 hwy
2015 Ford Fiesta SE Hatch LT 273102
2015 Ford Lease Location: Portland, Oregon
Category: Hatchback
Exterior color: Light Green
9 month lease
$150.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 29 city, 38 hwy
2015 Toyota Corolla L LT 272773
2015 Toyota Lease Location: San Jose, California
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Gray
35 month lease
$184.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 30 city, 42 hwy
2016 Ford Escape Titanium LT 276117
2016 Ford Lease Location: Castleton, Vermont
Category: SUV
Exterior color: Platinum
16 month lease
$199.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 22 city, 30 hwy
2016 Toyota Corolla LE LT 274408
2016 Toyota Lease Location: Brookline, Massachusetts
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Gray
22 month lease
$199.32 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 29 city, 38 hwy
2016 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0T TSI S LT 276885
2016 Volkswagen Lease Location: New Milford, New Jersey
Category: SUV
Exterior color: Burgundy
15 month lease
$215.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 21 city, 26 hwy
2015 Nissan Rogue SV LT 273030
2015 Nissan Lease Location: Willoughby, Ohio
Category: SUV
Exterior color: Black
13 month lease
$240.83 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 26 city, 33 hwy
2015 Toyota Camry SE LT 257289
2015 Toyota Lease Location: Canton, Ohio
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Silver
13 month lease
$140.85 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: city, hwy
2016 Toyota Camry LE LT 257388
2016 Toyota Lease Location: Millersport, Ohio
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Silver
15 month lease
$250.79 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 25 city, 35 hwy
2016 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium LT 267946
2016 Subaru Lease Location: Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey
Category: Wagon
Exterior color: Black
25 month lease
$273.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 28 city, 38 hwy
2015 Ford Focus SE LT 270893
2015 Ford Lease Location: Congress, Arizona
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Graphite
15 month lease
$287.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 35 city, 40 hwy
2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 4MATIC 4-Door Coupe LT 274966
2015 Mercedes-Benz Lease Location: Chicago, Illinois
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Beige
8 month lease
$291.67 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 23 city, 33 hwy
2015 BMW X1 xDrive28i LT 244592
2015 BMW Lease Location: Nevada City, California
Category: SUV
Exterior color: Gray
13 month lease
$291.89 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 22 city, 33 hwy
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo LT 272851
2016 Jeep Lease Location: Pompano Beach, Florida
Category: SUV
Exterior color: White
24 month lease
$298.62 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 17 city, 23 hwy
2017 BMW i3 94 Ah with Range Extender LT 275493
2017 BMW Lease Location: Winters, California
Category: Compact
Exterior color: White
29 month lease
$299.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 137 city, 111 hwy
2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium LT 266144
2016 Ford Lease Location: Katy, Texas
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Bronze
16 month lease
$299.79 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 47 city, 47 hwy
2015 BMW 328i xDrive LT 276115
2015 BMW Lease Location: Orem, Utah
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: White
10 month lease
$299.99 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 22 city, 33 hwy
2016 Ford Escape SE LT 244826
2016 Ford Lease Location: Marysville, Michigan
Category: SUV
Exterior color: Burgundy
8 month lease
$312.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 23 city, 31 hwy
2015 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS LT 262548
2015 Chevrolet Lease Location: Miami, Florida
Category: Coupe
Exterior color: Gray
16 month lease
$331.82 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 16 city, 24 hwy

Auto Leasing and how to get out of a lease

Can I get out of my auto lease early?   With LeaseTrader.com is a fast and easy way to Get out of a auto leasing contract get out of an auto lease prior to the expiration of the auto leasing contract.  LeaseTrader makes the auto leasing experience a pleasant one.
Don't miss out on a opportunity that could save you thousands of dollars in auto leasing fees as well as dealer fees and leasing companies fees! 

Early auto leaisng termination of an auto lease can be costly, but LeaseTrader makes trading a lease a cheaper option if you need to cancel your lease early.   Through a leasing transfer process called Leasing assumption and or auto leasing transfer, auto leasing experts help auto lease owners through each step of the auto leasing transfer process. Get out of an Auto Lease with LeaseTrader.com. To learn more about this exiting new way of auto leasing.

Have you found another vehicle you prefer? Have you had a change in Lifestyle? Does your lease seem like an eternity? Welcome to LeaseTrader, we can help you get out of a car lease.

The first step in transferring your lease is posting your vehicle in our classified section. You will be guided through a simple process where you will be asked to enter information pertaining to your lease and contact information to reach you when a credit qualified lease takeover candidate indicates an interest in your auto lease. For as little as $49.95 your ad with the full leasing information will appear on LeaseTrader.com for 14 days.

Once a candidate wishes to take-over your lease or has questions about the leasing information about your lease, we will notify you via e-mail or phone, at this time LeaseTrader will collect from you a fee which will be applied towards LeaseTrader's transfer fee. A LeaseTrader transfer expert will be ready to assist you with the entire transfer process from beginning to end.

Once the Candidate agrees taking over and transferring your lease, you will then need to sign the necessary documentation requested by your Finance Company* that is listed as the Lessor in your lease contract.

If you found yourself going from dealer to dealer and unable to get the car you want without committing yourself for an eternity. We can help you get the right car with a short term lease with NO MONEY DOWN!!

"Welcome to LeaseTrader, your AUTO LEASING Transfer Marketplace".

LeaseTrader offers auto leasing buyers a wide variety of choices to choose from. The first step in taking over a lease is finding a car. Search our listings for the right vehicle, the right lease payment and the right term. The auto lease search can be as general or as specific as you choose.
While you are searching LeaseTrader's web site for a Lease to take over with the right leasing terms, you may also fill out our credit application to determine if you qualify as a take over candidate, by doing so you will expedite the process. The leasing credit application is $29.95. Once you select the car you want to take over, the rest is easy. Click on the Contact Seller Button in the Listing, then have the Listing Number ready to give to one of our AUTO LEASING Transfer Experts. The Lease Transfer Expert will then ask you for additional information so that the car owner may contact you.

When you are approved as a take-over candidate, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to our Message Center where you will be able to communicate with the seller transferring the lease (´´the lessee´´). At this time, you can chat about the lease, and arrange a time and place to inspect the vehicle if applicable.

Finally you will need to fill out the necessary documentation requested by the Finance Company that is listed as the Lessor in the lease contract. In your MyLeaseTrader section you will find information and links to services that facilitate and expedite your lease transfer experience.

Our AUTO LEASING depatment will be available to assist you through the transfer proceexperience *All lease transfers require the approval of the Finance Company. Finance Companies may charge additional fees in connection with transferring a lease.

Some of the makes we worked with in the past are:
Acura leasing , Audi leasing BMW leasing Buick leasing Cadillac leasing Chevrolet leasing Chrysler leasing Daewoo leasing Dodge leasing Ferrari leasing Ford leasing GMC leasing Honda Hummer leasing Hyundai leasing Infiniti leasing Isuzu leasing Jaguar leasing Jeep leasing Kia leasing Land Rover leasing Lexus leasing Lincoln leasing Lotus leasing Mazda leasing Mercedes leasing Mercury leasing Mitsubishi leasing Nissan leasing oldsmobile leasing Plymouth leasing Pontiac leasing Porsche leasing Rolls-Royce leasing Saab leasing Saturn leasing Subaru leasing Suzuki leasing Toyota leasing Volkswagen leasing Volvo

More Info visit LeaseTrader.com

Acura Audi BMW Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Daewoo Dodge Ferrari Ford GMC Honda Hummer Hyundai Infiniti Isuzu Jaguar Jeep Kia Land Rover Lexus Lincoln Lotus Mazda Mercedes Mercury Mitsubishi Nissan Oldsmobile Plymouth Pontiac Porsche Rolls-Royce
Saab Saturn Subaru Suzuki Toyota Volkswagen Volvo Yugo FINANCE COMPANIES AC Leasing AEA Credit Union Allfirst Bank Americredit
Corp. ARI Plus Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen Credit (Audi Financial) Auto Use Bangor Savings Bank Bank of America Bank of the West Bank ne BMW Financial Services Cambria Leasing Company Charter One Auto Finance Chase Auto Finance Chevy Chase Chittenden Bank Chrysler Financial City National Bank Continental Auto Lease Company County National Bank Debis Financial Services, Inc. Don L. Leasing FELCO Autolease y Fifth Third Bank First National Bank Of Penn First National Bank of SWO First Security Bank First
Union National Bank Firstar Bank G.E. Capital G.E. Federal Employees Credit Union General Motors Acceptance Corp.(GMAC) Hann
Financial Service Corp Hawthorne Credit Union Highland Lease Corporation Honda FS (American Honda) Huntington Bank Infiniti Financial Services (Nissan Motor Credit) Isuzu Motors Acceptance Corp. Jaguar Credit Key Bank Land Rover Capital Group Land Rover Financial Services Lendco Financial Services, Inc. Lexus Financial (Toyota Motor Credit) M&I Dealer Finance
Marc Leasing Mazda American Credit Mercedes Benz Credit Corp. Mitsubishi Credit National City Bank Nissan Motors Acceptance Corp. North Shore Bank PNC Bank Porsche Financial Services Primus Financial Services Provident Auto Leasing Regions Bank Saab Leasing Co. SouthTrust Bank Subaru American Credit Summit Bank Suntrust Bank Suzuki Finances Teachers Federal credit union Technology Credit Union Toyota Motor Credit Corporation UBVL - UB Vehicle Leasing Union Acceptance Corp Union Bank of California US Bank
Corp Volkswagen Credit (Audi/Porsche Financial) Volvo Finance Wachovia Bank Wells Fargo Bank Westar Financial Service World Omni Financial Co.  

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"I went to my Lexus dealership to see if they would help me get a different car after my wife gave birth (Boy, 7.9oz). They wanted to roll all my remaining payments (23 months) into the payment of my new SUV. Instead of wasting over $12,000.00 I was able to find someone through LeaseTrader to take over my Lease and I didn’t have to pay off any portion of my Lease"
Steve M. (CA)
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