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2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 LT 264543
2014 Mercedes-Benz Lease Location: Stamford, Connecticut
Category: SUV
Exterior color: White
7 month lease
$65.61 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 16 city, 21 hwy
2016 Chevrolet Spark EV LT 273217
2016 Chevrolet Lease Location: San Diego, California
Category: Compact
Exterior color: Black
26 month lease
$75.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: city, hwy
2015 Ford Focus SE LT 270893
2015 Ford Lease Location: Congress, Arizona
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Graphite
18 month lease
$120.33 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 35 city, 40 hwy
2015 Ford Fiesta SE Hatch LT 273102
2015 Ford Lease Location: Portland, Oregon
Category: Hatchback
Exterior color: Light Green
12 month lease
$150.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 29 city, 38 hwy
2015 Nissan Sentra SV LT 273344
2015 Nissan Lease Location: Miami, Florida
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: White
16 month lease
$155.45 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 30 city, 39 hwy
2014 Toyota Prius c Two LT 261601
2014 Toyota Lease Location: Camarillo, California
Category: Compact
Exterior color: Silver
4 month lease
$179.72 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 53 city, 46 hwy
2016 Chevrolet Cruze LT LT 254000
2016 Chevrolet Lease Location: Dearborn, Michigan
Category: Compact
Exterior color: Silver
10 month lease
$179.73 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 26 city, 36 hwy
2015 Toyota Corolla L LT 272773
2015 Toyota Lease Location: San Jose, California
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Gray
37 month lease
$184.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 30 city, 42 hwy
2015 Ford C-MAX Energi LT 268985
2015 Ford Lease Location: Portland, Oregon
Category: Compact
Exterior color: White
12 month lease
$199.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 88 city, 88 hwy
2016 Toyota Prius c Four LT 272640
2016 Toyota Lease Location: Van Nuys, California
Category: Compact
Exterior color: Charcoal
11 month lease
$200.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 53 city, 46 hwy
2015 Cadillac SRX CrossOver LT 263260
2015 Cadillac Lease Location: Miami, Florida
Category: SUV
Exterior color: Black
11 month lease
$200.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 17 city, 23 hwy
2015 GMC Terrain SLE1 LT 254056
2015 GMC Lease Location: Woodland Hills, California
Category: SUV
Exterior color: Dark Red
12 month lease
$200.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 22 city, 32 hwy
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium Fastback LT 263802
2015 Ford Lease Location: Los Angeles, California
Category: Coupe
Exterior color: Dark Blue
7 month lease
$201.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 22 city, 31 hwy
2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 S LT 254126
2015 Nissan Lease Location: Lansing, New York
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Black
14 month lease
$224.50 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 27 city, 39 hwy
2015 Lexus IS 250 LT 261218
2015 Lexus Lease Location: Canyon Country, California
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Black
24 month lease
$241.18 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 21 city, 29 hwy
2015 Nissan Rogue SV LT 273030
2015 Nissan Lease Location: Willoughby, Ohio
Category: SUV
Exterior color: Black
16 month lease
$245.96 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 26 city, 33 hwy
2016 BMW i3 REX Electric LT 273577
2016 BMW Lease Location: Newbury Park, California
Category: Compact
Exterior color: Black
28 month lease
$248.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 137 city, 111 hwy
2016 Toyota Camry LE LT 257388
2016 Toyota Lease Location: Millersport, Ohio
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Silver
17 month lease
$250.79 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 25 city, 35 hwy
2015 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 4MATIC 4-Door Coupe LT 261154
2015 Mercedes-Benz Lease Location: Campbell, California
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Silver
22 month lease
$261.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 23 city, 33 hwy
2015 Toyota Camry SE LT 257289
2015 Toyota Lease Location: Canton, Ohio
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Silver
16 month lease
$140.85 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: city, hwy

How does Car Lease Short Term works?
Car Lease Short Term or a car lease assumptions are when a "credit qualified" person takes over the lease payments of a leased vehicle with the approval of the leasing company, assuming the rights and responsibilities and liabilities under the current term of the auto lease agreement.

Now it is possible to get out of a car lease before the lease ends. At LeaseTrader.com we give you a fast and effective way to Get out of your car lease prior to expiration.

Get a lease option for your auto lease agreement! Don't miss out on a opportunity that could save you thousands of dollars in dealer fees when doing an auto lease termination.! An early Lease Termination of a car lease can be costly, but Leasetrader makes tranferring an auto lease a better option if you need to cancel your car lease early.

Car Lease transfer experts help lease owners through each step of the auto lease transfer process.

Get out of a Car Lease at LeaseTrader.com.

Find whats your best Lease End Option for your Lease Agreement.

How to get out of my car lease?
You start by listing your car lease in our classified section. You will be asked to enter information about your car and your car lease, as well as your contact information needed to reach you when a take-over candidate indicates an interest in your lease. Your posting will appear on LeaseTrader.com until it transfers.
Once a candidate wishes to take-over your car lease or has questions about your Auto Lease, we will notify you via e-mail or phone.

Remember we are here to help you transfer your auto lease, a Lease Trader representative is working for you to transfer your lease, or fullfill your lease assumption. LeaseTrader.com is your on-line source for car lease transfers and car lease assumption, lease a car with the experts.

How to Take Over a Short Term Lease
If you found yourself unable to get the car you want without committing yourself for an eternity, we can help you get the right car and a short term lease with NO MONEY DOWN!!

LeaseTrader offers buyers a wide variety of lease options to choose from for your auto lease agreement.
The first step in taking-over a lease is finding a car and the lease terms that suit you. Search our car listings for the right vehicle, the right payment and the right lease term. Your search can be as general or as specific as you choose. Once you select the auto lease you want to take over, the rest is easy.

Click on the Contact Seller Button in the Listing.

When you are approved as a take-over credit qualified candidate, you may contact the seller. You can talk about car leases, and arrange a time and place to inspect the car if applicable.

Car Lease Short Term
Audi Lease, BMW Lease, Chevy Lease, Ford Lease, Mercedes Lease, Saab lease, Volvo Lease, Honda Leases, Masserati Lease, and many other car leases and auto leases to list for leasing takeover and car leasing.

TakeOver lease or Trade a Lease as well as Used Car Leasing and Lease Transfers while you Break a Lease Agreement as to get out of an auto lease or Assume a car lease, Car Lease Short Term, Assume a Lease, Assume an Auto Lease or Trade a BMW Lease as well as BMW Used Car Leasing, BMW Lease Transfers while you may get a Break BMW Lease Agreement as well as Assume a BMW lease, Assume a BMW Lease and Assume an Auto Lease, also it may became helpful with an audi lease auto or a BMW lease assumption, BMW auto lease BMW auto leasing auto lease assumption auto lease auto leasing bmw lease special with a bmw lease, BMW Lease as well as many BMW Leases while you Break a lease or Break my Auto Lease alone or Break my Car Lease and Break my lease Car lease help and a lot of leases for sell, buy a lease without car lease penalties, and a simplified lease swap of a car lease by transferring out of a car lease Early with no lease termination at the End of a Lease when you takeover a lease or get out of an auto lease.

Audi Lease
Audi leases available like leasing Audi A4 Lease Audi A8 Lease Audi A6 Lease Audi TT lease available for lease transfer of audi leasing and car lease assumption of audi leases. To lease an Audi is simple with LeaseTrader.

BMW Lease
Leasing a BMW 3 series lease BMW M3 lease BMW 530i leasing 745i and BMW 745li leasing 745i leases 540i lease Z4 leasing BMW X5 leases X3 leasing BMW M5 leases and leasing BMW 525 lease also the new BMW 645i Lease available for lease assumption and lease transfer for lease exit of a BMW lease, BMW 745, BMW 645, BMW 545, BMW X5, BMW X3, BMW 325, BMW 330, BMW Z4, BMW Z8. To lease a BMW is simple with LeaseTrader.

Mercedes Lease
Leasing a Mercedes S500, leasing a Mercedes S430 lease as well as leasing a Mercedes ML500 lease, Leasing a Mercedes SL500 lease, and a Leasing a Mercedes CL500 or Leasing a Mercedes C320 lease or Leasing a Mercedes C240 Lease, are available for leasetakeover a Mercedes lease at LeaseTrader.com for lease assumption and lease transfer for lease exit of a BMW lease. To lease a Mercedes Benz is simple with LeaseTrader.

Car Leasing
Car leasing made simple, check out some of the lease cars availabel for lease takeover, ej. leasing Cadillac Escalade lease chrysler pacifica lease ford ranger lease gmc yukon lease honda accord lease honda civic lease honda element lease hummer h2 lease jaguar x-type leasing Jaguar S leasing and car leasing of vehicles like lease lincoln used car nissan altima lease nissan maxima lease porsche boxster lease porsche cayenne lease

LeaseTrader.com is the only full service marketplace for car lease assumptions and car lease transfer.

Search all type of used vehicle leases such as Audi Lease, Acura Lease, BMW Lease, Chevrolet Lease, Ford Lease, Honda, Lexus , Mercedes Lease, Porsche Lease, Toyota Lease, VW Lease and Car Lease Short Term. Enjoy many new benefits of a lease assumption of a car lease and enjoy many more benefits as you compare it to a regular long term lease.

Save Thousands of Dollars in a Used Car Lease: Save Thousands of dollars in the Down Payment alone, as well as getting a Used Car Lease with long term auto lease payments. Sometimes sellers are willing to even pay you to assume their Used Car Leases.

Taking over Someone Else's Lease Payments: People interested in assuming existing auto leases can browse through thousands of listings currently listed the LeaseTrader.com Web site, sorted by used car lease make, model, monthly payments, months remaining, the state, city or Zip code where the vehicle is located.

Take-Over a Used Car Lease: The first step in finding a used car lease, is searching our listings to find the right vehicle, the lowest payment and the right lease term. The auto lease search can be as general or as specific as you choose.

Car Lease Short Term
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All car lease transfers require the approval of the Finance Company. Finance Companies may charge additional fees in connection with transferring a lease. Sellers shall provide many details of their lease agreement.

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"I´ve Leased with LeaseTrader on several occasions, and they are the best. Most prices are about the best you´ll find out there. Their service is outstanding,. The best part, they transferred my application to the fiancé company on the same day I ordered it. I´ve never had an issue with them, and highly recommend them."
Sergio J. (CA)
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